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...two-timimg Mama's tatas!

My lovely lady lumps never felt soo left out!

(Actually that's not 100% true - I may be the only Mom I know who routinely has feelings of jealousy towards a bottle!  Poor Lilah doesn't understand why Mommy bats her hands away from holding on to the bottle when we supplement?  Ridiculous, I know.  But if you understood the magnitude of the struggles we went through to stick with nursing, you might understand the neurotic rivalry!)  


Walking On Sunshine

"And don't it feel good!"

(This was actually Lilah's first spin around the neighborhood in her snazzy stroller awhile ago)

Please feel free to read the title of this post and break into song all while performing your best "Kick-ball-changes" for 8 counts, followed by 4 "Grapevines" and ending with a traditional 8 count "Jazz Square" courtesy of... 


Lovely Lilah's 5 Month "Birthday"

Over the past 4 weeks, I have...

- Become a daddy's girl!
(Mommy is okay with sharing)

- Learned to gag down my 2 oz. supplementary bottle of formula before bedtime.
(Mom still can't get over the unappetizing smell of Alimentum)

- Made progress in the sitting department...
(Posts to follow)

- Slowly started to make use of some of the 3-6 month clothes in my closet.
(Papa's wallet likes this)

- Taken to nursing with an outstretched hand covering Mommy's mouth and chin?
(Mommy says she will probably miss it when I stop, but sometimes right now it can get kind of annoying, although it's better than suffering through my previous constant scratching)

- Celebrated my first St. Patty's Day at Uncle Mikey's
(An annual tradition that I attended anonymously last year as a guest in Mama's belly)

- Decided that EVERYTHING I can get my hands on must go in my mouth, whether it fits or not!
(Mama hopes my immune system is a GO?)

- Let my tongue hang out - literally!
(Mom thinks it's cute but also reminds her slightly of "Dopey the Dwarf" and hopes it's not a sign of things to come?)

- Have become quite "pious" with my "prayer hands" hold!
(Mom and Dad call me their little angel so the fake-out works)

-Learned to use my new Yoga skills to do "Baby Seal" with my feet!
(Mama hopes it IS a sign of things to come - ballerina in the making)

Six months will be here before we know it...
(No tears Mama)


Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"Winter Leggings Edition"
(before full-blown Spring weather arrives)

Black Leggings: Forever 21

Honestly, I could probably post about 50  "leggings" looks!

I heart leggings - especially postpartum!

They were fab for my c-section scar (especially high-waisted ones), super comfy around the house, and best of all - helped me feel like a normal semi-fashionable girl when I left the house shortly after Lilah was born (plus, they were the only thing that fit other than maternity jeans)!

Part of my Winter "uniform" is leggings, cute boots and of course the bum-covering top!

Stay tuned for a legging post Spring/Summer edition 'cause these babies are so versatile...

Lilah's "Leathers"

Papa got a new "toy" this week!

Luckily, Mama's previous mad shopping skills paid off... 
(never question a three month old's need for a faux-leather jacket again huh Daddy?)

...and Lovely Lilah was prepared to play!

*Sidenote:  The pics without the bike are about 2 months old and Lilah looks pretty much the same???
I swear I feed my child!



ANTM Baby!

The original "Smize"...

So fierce!

She's an "animal" workin' it for the camera...

Tyra Banks would be so proud!

If you are unfamiliar with the term "Smize" here's a little lesson for you:

Apparently Tyra needs to add babies to her list of those who can "smize"?!


The Dog (poo) Days Are Over!

I can't tell you the overwhelming excitement I have when
I come to the realization that my dog-poo shoveling days have come to a close once Brian is home... 

Even Lilah is disgusted!


And so we have gladly passed the shovel...

*I should state that this is not the sole reason for the excitement I feel
when I think about having my husband home, 
but it's definitely right up there on the list!

(And the list is a long one!)


Papa "Bear" Encounter!

 This is the the result of nary a razor, clippers, scissors or the coming in contact with any type of haircutting tool for an extended period of time...

So when I say Papa "Bear" I mean it - almost literally!

Luckily Lilah is friendly with another bearded man 
(as seen in this post: In "The House of the Lord")
so she showed no fear when being embraced by

Grizzly Adams
I mean,
Papa "Bear"...

In fact, I'm pretty sure the "bear" suffered the most!

We'll see just how long the bear(d) lasts with Lovely Lilah's five-fingered grasp???


Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

In honor of St. Patricks Day yesterday:

"The Olive Military Jacket"

Jacket: Gap

I cannot tell you how much wear I get out of this jacket!
(The PPW is priceless)
I throw it over dresses in the Spring, pair it with cut-offs on cooler Summer nights, 
with a turtleneck and jeans in the Fall 
and over a sweater with leggings and boots during the Winter months!

 It's what my husband would call "olive drab" which incidentally, is actually a great neutral?!
(Those of you who know of my love/hate relationship with that particular color
 understand the "irony" of my love for this jacket, 
and the ridicule I must endure from Brian for constantly wearing it...
 sort of like a "uniform"?!)

And on a side-note, we were super flattered to be featured yesterday on Shana's sassy blog 
(One of our daily must-reads) 

Check out the link below...

Thanks Shana for all the inspiration!


...and it feels so good!


Lovely Lilah Leprechaun

Happy St. Patty's Day!

This year is extra special for a few different reasons...

First off Lilah and Mama are actually celebrating "St. Daddies Day"!
That's right, we like to refer to Papa as a "Saint" (he's totally blushing)
and we feel like we've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with his return today!!!

Secondly, the three of us will be celebrating hard 'cause in case you didn't know it - we are part Irish?!
Papa told Mama one time that there was Irish blood in the Garlick line.
(Sharon and Lewis will have to vouch for this one)
It may have just been a good excuse at the time to get Mama to knock back a few more Irish Car Bombs ???

Either way, Papa and Lilah are "green" and Mama is "semi-green" by marriage right?...
We'll take it and a pint of Guinness!

And last but not least...
A special birthday shout out to the original leprechaun - Uncle Scott!
Hope your day is the bomb - Irish Car Bombs that is! 


Pillow Talk

Lilah loves to tell me all about her fun-filled day as we're getting ready for bath time/bed time...

And while it's awfully cute, I'm pretty sure she exaggerates a bit!


Pink Elephants On Parade

Wait that's 


and we're actually talking 



(Maybe Mommy & Timothy Q. Mouse shouldn't hang out anymore - he's kind of a lush anyway)


The Spin Cycle Saga

This past weekend, Lovely Lilah and I visited the local laundromat for a coin-operated outing...
(No thanks to my washing machine's sudden lack of spin)

While the clothes were sudsin' and spinin'
Lilah and I walked over to a nearby park to play around on the jungle gym...

She was a little unsure about all the swinging and sliding 
I was not prepared for the sun-in-the-eyes aspect 
(new Mom faux-paux) 
but she didn't fuss about it once!

Back at the laundromat, I made the executive decision to take the wet clothes 
(fully drained and spun) 
back home to dry after I overheard a conversation between two ladies 
regarding a "blood check" on the sheets they had just pulled out of a nearby machine?!

Gotta love the laundromat?!

Lilah sure did...

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