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Thanksgiving Point: "I Want A Pony"

Little Lilah Belle was able to take her first pony ride....
which she LOVED!

(And I suspect Papa LOVED even more)

There'll be no need for asking Papa twice when the time comes!  
There's already been discussion on "how best to go about legally keeping one in the backyard"?

We were also able to take a little wagon ride tour.

On the way out, they had a dairy cow that people could milk.
Check that off the "milk bucket" list!

And last but not least...

...seemed appropriate?!
(Yes, we are still nursing.)

Enjoy this video of "Little Lassoin' Lilah" in the making:


  1. Will you nurse even if she's 2 and still wants to? Just wondering as another mom!

  2. "Daddy...I want a pony"!!! She's a natural and Brian looks like he is really enjoying they whole thing.

  3. ADORABLE Lilah-on-the-pony video! We were hoping for a video soon!! gg


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