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Lovely Lilah's 11 Month "Birthday"

September, September
so much 
to remember...

- four teeth in total 
(with more on the way)

- standing alone
(great way to start out the day)

- walking your walker
(again and again)

- Papa Bear's homecoming
(both Mama and Lilah win)

- taking a step
(or two, then a tumble)

- outgrowing old jammies
(footies make her stumble)

- new rides to ride in
(thanks Papa Bear)

- indian summer
(farmer's market and street fair)

- junk shaking

-sink drinking

-  a tasty "tractor raising"

We cannot believe it's October - 
time, please stop chasing!


Thursdays Threads Three Ways

Colored Denim.

This is a big trend this fall, and I am loving it!

It's actually incredibly versatile,
if you treat the denim as a neutral.

Here are three ways to bring them from warmer early fall days 
into cooler temps...

Denim: Rag 'n Bone

You will most definitely be seeing these again and again!!!

Lilah's New Ride

For those of you who guessed...
you guessed

Mama will have to be the one to chauffeur Little Lilah around in this new Tahoe LTZ 
(with every bell and whistle imaginable)
for a few years... 

It's a rough life and Mama is incredibly sad about it 
 somehow Mama will manage!

For a little girl with a closet chock full of clothes, she sure spends a lot of time in jammies lately???


Where In The World Is Little Lilah Belle?

"Little Lilah Belle" 
doesn't quite have the same ring as 
"Carmen San Diego"
saying it to the same tune might just help with your guess.

Lilah spent a good portion of her day at this mystery location yesterday.
Then after a quick trip home for dinner and a bath,
spent the evening in her jammies back at this locale???


Because Your Mine... walk the line.

Not a very straight line, 
line none the less!

The very next evening, 
Little Lilah took her first un-assisted single step...

Guess it's time for "Mamager" to get workin' on those multi-million dollar shoe endorsements?



Yesterday we celebrated our very own 

"Daddy Day"
that is!

Papa Bear & Lovely Lilah reunited.
(no crying, just a little hesitation)

A family of three once more!

(Sorry for the blurry pics, but setting the timer and using a table for a tripod at the airport can only get you so far)

*Not to trivialize the original "D-day" by any means.  
We are a military veteran family so we have a deep appreciation of the true meaning of that day.


Thursdays Threads

"Twisted Sister"

Here is an example of how two age groups 
can mange to wear the same item
make it look age appropriate
(sort of)...

shredded tee : Nordstrom

Love my sister Devon - she kills me with her au' natural beauty!
(Damn her and her  cute blog - check out the amazing life she leeds in NYC and her gorg fashion posts)

 Red denim "three ways" to follow next week!

Snack Attack


What's In Your Bag? (Dump n' Tag)

My cute cousin-in-law, 
did a post yesterday sharing the contents of her diaper bag.

Here goes my "diaper bag dump"...

1. Timi & Leslie Charlie Diaper Bag
(L.O.V.E. this bag - 99% of the time people think it is just a large handbag)
2. Isaac Mizrahi for Target Wallet
(um can we say OLD - they don't even sell Mizrahi anymore)
3. Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple sunscreen
(best stuff for Lilah's skin)
4. Hand sanitizer
(from my OB's office)
5. Aquaphor 
(for my lips and Lilah's hiney - instead of butt-paste - yeah we're close like that)
6. Burts Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in "Honeysuckle" & "Red Dahlia"
(best hint of color and all natural)
7. Timi & Leslie clutch
(came with the diaper bag and sooo convenient when I just need the basics)
8. Cheapo sunglass case with Rayban Wayfarer knock-offs
(I'm tough on sunglasses so knock-offs suit me just fine)
9. Canon G12
(I have yet to read the manual - just use it like a point and shoot)
10. Timi & Leslie changing pad
(diaper pocket holds 3-4 Pampers and plastic ziplocs - hate leaving stinky diapers in other people's trash)
11. The First Years Pacifier Wipes
(Lilah has never taken a paci, but they are perfect to wipe off toys/sippy cups that hit the ground)
12. Huggies travel wipes case
(filled with Pamper's Sensitive thick wipes - the best!)
13. Playtex sippy cup
(pretty much no-spill)
14. Munchkin Snack Catcher
(makes a valiant effort at avoiding huge messes)
15. Extra socks for Lilah Belle
16. Hoodie for Lilah
(you never know with the manic UT weather)
17. Toys
(thankfully clip on to stroller, shopping cart, car seat)
18. Cell phone
(time for an upgrade - Iphone anyone?)
19. Sharpie
(to sign autographs for my fans - j/k???)
20. Lansinoh breast pads
(nobody likes leaky boob shirt circles and these are the only ones that stay put)
21. Hair clip
22. Justin's Maple Almond Butter
(yes - I eat it straight out the pouch)

 And there you have it!

So now I wanted to take it a step further and see who is really paying attention?

I've tagged three of my followers to share the contents of their diaper bags:

 - Trina from "Baby Shopaholic"
- *Randi from "Not Just Mom"
(*your handbag will do as I know you are past the diaper bag stage - haha)

To keep this going, they could tag three of their readers (no pressure to participate),
(with a link back to their original tagger somewhere in the post)
and let's see how many bags we can dump?

(and possible help clean out - thanks Lisa - haha!)

Wordless Wednesday: "The Lilah Belle Project"

Lilah Belle has no time for the paparazzi!

Thank you Rachel Zoe for making giant oversized sunglasses 
(on a ridiculously petite frame) 
super chic...

Also, linking up with Chelsey over at
The Paper Mama

You can also find Lilah over here today...

EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio

Thanks Ana!


"Get Up Stand Up"

A little Lilah-lead morning calisthenics to start out your day...


In Sink

Some meals are simply too messy to get by with just a wipe down.

Guess that makes cleaning up the best part?

Lilah Belle and I are sooo in "sink"!


How We Entertain On The Weekends...

(It's a little lengthy - sorry we party hard around here!) least for the last few warm days we have left?!

"Hose" yours is a good one!


Thursday Threads: "Small Style"

This week, I thought I would also show Lilah sporting some of her "threads three ways".
so Mama doesn't have all the fun.

Here's how we're taking three summer outfits 
and transitioning them to move into the cooler fall temps that are heading our way:

(All summer outfits: Carters)

#1 - Sweaters and jeans keep a tank from being too cool.

#2 - A girly sweatshirt and jeggings add warmth, and a short-sleeved bodysuit underneath allows for the shedding of layers as the day heats up.

#3 - Throw on a long-sleeved bodysuit, tights and a hat and a summer dress if fall ready.

Linking up with "Mama Loves Papa" again this week.
Head on over to check out all the cutie-pies!

Thursdays Threads Three Ways

Felt Floppy Hat

Hats are a little tricky for me.
(may have something to do with my child-size head?)

I love a good hat though.  
Sometimes it's all I need to make a blah outfit feel fab!

Here is my take on the felt floppy hat, 
from finishing out those last few warm days you may have left 
to transitioning into cooler fall weather...

Felt Floppy Hat: Reiss

(I could probably throw on a cardigan and some flats/boots with the first two outfits and wear them for awhile)

It definitely lends a great boho feel.
(and everyone knows I am a pseudo-hippie at heart)


Sayonara Summer

Until next year...

PS: Since the official "end of summer" was actually Labor Day,
check out how Lovely Lilah celebrated over here...

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