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"Top 11 of 2011"

Linking up to highlight eleven of my 2011 favorite photos...
(and a bonus for good luck)

This was incredibly hard to narrow down
out of the 10,000 pictures I took this past year.
(thank goodness for an external hard drive back-up)

They aren't in any particular order.

I love that little juice soaked belly.

Summer Swim-Baby.
The lighting, the water, the suit.

Happy Birthday Grandpa "T".
She was such a good sport for this one.

 Lilah Belle get's chickens.
The excitement in her eyes brings a smile to my face.

One of her Six Month photo's.
Such a perfect representation of LB - just a bundle joy in motion.

 A Fall walk with Papa.
I love that they are so in sync.

Christmas wonder.
Lights make even the most boring beautiful.

The Pumpkin Patch.
Could the sky be any more blue?

Sink time.
Reminds me to enjoy the simple things.

Kisses for Papa.
(he was baby-proofing)

Puppy Love.
The irony of this kills me.

"Falling Around"
She has an affinity for flying.

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Revisiting 2011: "Floor Foto's"

Since everyone else is doing it (haha)...

Here is our first recap post from 2011:

"Floor Foto's"

Our very first "floor foto".

 In honor of the 2011 Academy Awards.

Apparently this one never made it to "publish".

(and our final "floor foto")

"Floor Foto's" 
were beyond fun for me to do 
and Little Lilah Belle was an incredibly great sport about letting me use her as a creative outlet 
when I was stuck in the house alone with a newborn for months at a time.

my little muse had to grow up...
but I'll always treasure these pictures 
and have fond memories of these precious (and silly) moments I was able to capture.


Ringing In The New Year...

New Years Eve sushi date with my favorite girl...

Then I rocked my baby to sleep for the last time last year.

 NEW year 
full of 
NEW possibilities...

Wishing you all 
Happiest of New Years!


Christmas Day Play


We hope you all had a blessed holiday
and made many treasured memories - we sure did!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning waffles.

After a quick "sink bath" and into her hat.

Mama and LB in our Christmas PJ's.

A "nice" girl ready to open presents.
Let the unwrapping commence...

It was so funny to watch Lilah this year 
with this extreme look of consternation on her face the ENTIRE time.
She definitely made out like a bandit!
(thanks Santa and Grandparents)

Then it was our turn.
After she opened her gifts,
a mid-morning nap gave us adults some time to open ours.

Thanks "Santa" for the great gifts this year - we feel spoiled!

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