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Guest Post: Anna

Anna is a dear friend that I happened to meet while vacationing in St. Lucia with Brian several year ago.  Thanks to the wonder that is Skype, our friendship has blossomed into one that has helped me immeasurably.  It is rare to find a person that shares so many similarities (from infertility issues to the same love for vino).  Once the owner of an international destination wedding planning business, she has traded in her fabulous world traveling job to be a mommy.  Here is a little of her story and how she got there...

"Finally Celebrating Mother's Day"
When I met the man of my dreams seven years ago, I was convinced the next few years would be wedded bliss, followed shortly by the excitement of starting a family together.  Little did I know that the next few years would be the most difficult of my life struggling with infertility.  Each Mother's Day that passed was another reminder of the deep hole in my heart that could only be filled by having a child.  The joy of the holiday was lost on the pain that I was feeling.  After numerous tests, several rounds of IVF and too many negative pregnancy tests to count, we made the best decision for us - to stop the roller coaster of meds, shots and disappointment. We chose adoption.  Our precious daughter Liv Sophia is nine months old now.  After adopting our sweet girl, I can honestly say I am glad I was unable to get pregnant on my own.  She is my daughter, my angel, the love of my life - not to mention her doting Daddy!
This year, I celebrate Mother's Day!  I celebrate the gift of motherhood that was so unselfishly shared with me!  I celebrate the silly baby nonsense that my life has become!  I love goofy baby talk and making the craziest faces just to see her sweet smile.  I wouldn't trade changing the poopy diapers (4x a day), washing bottles like it’s my job (oh wait, it is now), being permanently exhausted, wearing “Mom” clothes now because of the inevitable spit up and drool that will make its way onto me, saying adios to fabulous jewelry and sticking to studs and a watch (if you’re feeling fancy), learning that a shower is a luxury and not a necessity, peeing with a baby on my lap, having a messy house, jammin’ to lullabies in my car (well actually my mom wagon) and singing until I can hardly breathe to try and stop the screaming - for anything in the world!  Every morning my first waking thought is, "I can’t wait to see my babies oh so sweet and squishy face!". 
When Liv calls me Mama, not only does it make every frustrating moment up until now worth it, but I know with a certainty thatI am her Mama!  When she puts her tired little head on my shoulder or only shares a laugh with me, I realize that my heart is gone - gone to my baby girl!  Being Liv’s Mommy has been the hardest job in entire world, but nothing is more rewarding.  I am thankful everyday for the opportunity.  No matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby and I will always be her Mother! 

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