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Baby-Wear Weekend Gear (Bonus Post)

Gotta love an outfit that get's you through a weekend of much needed

grocery shopping, 

leisurely bookstore visits, 

coffee with "Momfriends", 

lazy walks by the river in the woods behind the house


headband making projects for Lilah for upcoming family portraits!

(Lilah is totally giving the stink eye - but I swear she loves every adventure in her Bjorn)

If you'd like to see more Mom style ideas...

see "Aint No Mom Jeans' Mom Street Style Linkup":

There's plenty of inspiration to be shared!

And maybe we'll extend our Fashion Friday TTW posts

to include a weekend post designated to baby-wearing



  1. I LOVE the skirt! Looks so comfy! And great for babywearing. Where did you get it?

  2. Thanks Sonya - it's from Target! It is super comfy...


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