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Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways Cargos

This week we take a look at:

"The Skinny Cargo"

Cargos: American Eagle

Yeah - I was not willing to shell out the $150 for the real J Brand Houlihans that everyone is buzzing about??? 

First off, anyone that knows me knows that I am pretty much a cheapskate bargain hunter.  

Secondly, why would I ever pay that much money to wear something that I know is going to eventually end up covered in baby puke? 

 And so, I scouted and waited and ended up dropping $14 on these sufficiently good knock-offs at good old AE!  

That's right - if you calculate the PPW 
(that's "Price Per Wear" for all you non-thrifty spenders) 
based solely on the three pics above 
we're looking at $4.66/wear
 so far...

Now I can fill all those cargo pockets with the extra loot I saved!  


  1. love the baby friendly cargo pant look...I agree, I cannot stomach spending too much on cargo pants, I am sure one of the boys would wipe their hand on them with something sticky!

  2. Thanks girl - here's to sticky fingers ;)


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