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Brighter & Bettter...

Exactly 365 days ago, the world became a brighter, better place
when this beautiful being entered the world...

Mama's body carried her.

Papa's steady hands carried her.

But in reality, Little Lilah has carried our hearts from the beginning.

Happy First Birthday Lilah Belle...
Carry On!



Thursday Threads: Three Ways

Animal Print.

So my intention was to link up with
Pretty Shiny Sparkly
for the "Bloggers Do It Better" assignment.

But alas, I missed it by a long-shot!

Oh well...

Animal print can be tricky if your not careful. 
There really are no rules any more as far as mixing prints,
although I would say that for those of us that don't want to look like a honey'd up hooker,
a taxidermy'd tiger or an aged heiress wearing all the family furs,
it's probably best to stick to one print.

 If you're a little animal print shy, try a great accessory:
leopard ballet slippers, a snakeskin belt or a beautiful scarf (all classic choices).

If your really brave
(or have the money)...
go for a fun leopard platform bootie or shrunken fur chubby!
(and I'll be jealous)

Shirt: Old Navy

Gotta love a great price-point on a trendy shirt!


The Blueberry Caper

We now have a limited window of opportunity in this house to open the fridge,
without a certain little "caper" making her way over.

(PS - No judging that dirty, disheveled, desolate fridge or bottomless baby - you know you've been there!)


Dinner Date

This past weekend,
Little Lilah tagged along on a dinner date 
so Papa and Mama could try out a new restaurant in town...

Cafe Paesan get's three thumbs up!

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