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Making Friends

A package arrived this week for Lovely Lilah,
courtesy of her Grandma G.

Inside was a sweet dolly,
coincidentally looked a little like Miss "L" minus the big blue eyes,
(Lilah's have been pegged "grey")
and the ears were waaay to small!

First, Lilah stole her headband...

...and proceeded to try to tear it in two with her razor-sharp tooth
(all the while dolly looked on helplessly)

...then she aggressively performed a" half-nelson slam"
(dolly was stunned into submission)

...and finally looked to Otis with a snarky grin for his bark of approval!
(notice dolly's dislocated shoulder after a futile attempt to tap out)

It may be me, 
I think Lovely Lilah may have a tough time making friends in the future - just sayin'?


Lovely Lilah's 8 Month "Birthday"

(A day late and a dollar short - seems to be the case a lot lately?)

My oh my, what a month!
Here's what I've been up to...

 - Rockin' & Rollin'
("The Mama and The Papa" love when I rock out!)

- Sleepin' through the night!
(Mama is the one that needs sleep training now - I am still breathing so go back to sleep already!)

- Crawlin'!!!
(That's right - we have achieved lift off - and Mama has never been more exhausted)

- Skypin'
(Papa loves to watch me chow down at breakfast time)

- Yoga'in
(Mommy & Me Yoga must have rubbed off 'cause I am perfecting my "downward dog".  Mama thinks it's funny now, but just wait until it turns into walkin'???)

- Swimmin'
(Baby pools are the best after a few hours warmin' up in the sun)

- Sittin'
(Mama is always shocked when she turns around and I have sat up all by myself)

I have a (full) fun month ahead of me...
Where oh where will it take me???


Red Rover, Red Rover

If only EVERYTHING happened on command???
(I'd even settle for coincidence)


The "Stand-In"

Maybe you recall this post about a certain flooded basement?

due to a nap
(and child labor laws) 
Lovely Lilah needed a "stand-in" 
to showcase Papa's incredible basement re-building skills!
(5 days from concrete slab to livable space - that man is a SUPER HERO)

This photo is actually a few weeks old.
(we have been enjoying a fully re-finished and re-furnished basement for awhile now)

We auditioned the "stand-in"
aka: Malcom
(or Tarzan according to our neighbors 2 year old)
since he nailed the intensity of the moment,
he was our first choice and we figured hair and make-up could take care of the rest?
(No "director's couch" for this lucky guy - just raw talent)

But we couldn't let the "star" be left out of the limelight...
(it's in her contract)

Even if half the time she is asleep on the job!


Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"Threads Three Ways"
is going to change slightly for now...

Between a semi-mobile Lilah, 
 and flyin' solo, 
time is limited and so is my energy!

Instead of one post, showing an item three ways, 
I'll give you one post a week for three weeks showing you that item three different ways.
(What about the 4th week you ask?  Fashion Friday Free-For-All, I suppose?)

So here goes...

"The Convertible Maxi"

Maxi: Target, Tank: H&M, Sandals: AE, Panama: H&M

The versatility of this maxi dress/skirt is the reason I purchased it - not to mention the bargain price!

You'll see in the next few weeks
 why this is no "regular" black maxi 
(and then you'll want one for yourself)
so stay tuned...


Papa tried to put a stop to this one
resigned to only allowing it at the dinner table...

We figured there are so many different cultures 
with strange traditions when it comes to enjoying a good meal...

Here at the Garlick Homestead, we hump!

(So if you're ever over for dinner - remember not to offend the cook)


Small Style...

Today we are linking up with
mama loves papa
"Small Style"
a weekly link-up showcasing little ones daily fashion.
(there are so many fashion blogs out there - it's fun to see kiddos for a change)

It's also a great place to find other blogging Mama's...
who love their Papa's!

Romper: GAP, Headband: Mama made



A few weekends ago,
Mama, Papa, Miss "L" and Grandma T.
went to Papa's
favorite Mexican restaurant.

(Sometimes when we're out in public, Little Lilah needs a stern talking-to?!)

Lilah was a hit with all the employees, who kept calling her 
"little doll"...

Of course my camera died before I could get any pictures of her being whisked around the restaurant 
and meeting everyone amid a flourish of Spanish.

Thankfully Grandma speaks spanish so we had a translator and knew they weren't planning on kidnapping her and selling her on the black market in Tijuana!

Yeah - I let my "little doll" hang out with complete strangers...
I learned early how to share my toys!


A "Sucker" for A Sparkly

Lilah Belle and her very first "sparkly"...

(well maybe more like minutes)
fascination and oral fixation!

The bracelet was actually a gift for her at Mama's shower and is only now just starting to fit.
(Thanks Shally, Sherine and Great-Grandma Silvia)


First Father's Day

Papa Bear...

...Lovely Lilah is the luckiest little lady to have you in her life!


Fashion Friday: Neon + Neutrals

This week I am participating in 
"Bloggers Do It Better" 

The "assignment" is 
Neon + Neutrals
and this is my take on it...

Dress: J Crew, Vest: H&M, Wedges: Old Navy

I don't have a lot of neon in my closet, but the pieces I do have tend to be more classic/staple pieces 
that I can add accessories to, to change up the look. 
 I guess a neon yellow dress isn't necessarily a staple, huh?
The cut is pretty classic though, so I'm gonna run with it...

What neon do you have in your closet?


Papa Bear Boogie ...

...and alotta Lilah laughter!
(with a tad too much fist-pumpin' action)


A Case Of The Munchies

Somedays, Lovely Lilah just can't seem to get enough to eat...

Apparently Papa is willing to indulge her insatiable appetite a little more than Mama is...

Guess it might be time to step up the solids?


Playtime With Papa

Lovely Lilah just realized...

...she is playing in a 
"Stink Hole"?!

 Poor girl!


Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"Spring Cardigan"

(Cardigan: Gap)

Yeah - this got lost in the mix somewhere 
so bear with me 'cause I know Summer is now upon us...

I always know the weather has changed (and we're pretty much still waiting) when I am able to pull this cardigan out of the closet... 

It's lightweight (good for layering), a perfect length (for bum coverage) and a fun melon color (to brighten my sometimes drab wardrobe).

Flashback Friday

"Polka-Dot Dreams"

Hope you have a "dreamy" weekend...


Hands & Feet... CONCRETE!

Beneath the carpet of the (almost) newly (almost) refinished basement,
 this house will ALWAYS hold a special secret!



At least that what we are calling it
when a certain company shows up at our front door at 9:00 am, 
(a day early without notice)
 ready to bust out the jackhammers and rip up the concrete in our flooded basement, 
while we are in the middle of eating strawberry toast in our jammies...

Fast forward a half hour to Mama and Lilah checking in to the local Marriot!
(Thank you hotel desk clerk that made an exception and let us into our room at 10:00 am 
without questioning our schlempy appearance)

Rules of a Garlick "staycation":

There are no rules!

Playtime on a fluffy white king-sized bed...

(no fear of rolling off here)

A walk to get pistachio & chocolate hazelnut gelato...

"Gelato Face"
(Lovely Lilah's first taste of sugar)


(not for Mama - Lilah is a bed hog)

Waiting to get in the pool... 

(another first - separate post to follow)

Bath time like a big girl...

(to warm up and rinse off after the pool)

Some girl time...

(watching movies)

And last but not least,
breakfast in bed...

(we cleaned up most of the crumbs)

Unfortunately thankfully our "staycation" only lasted one day...

Jackhammers out - Papa's hammers in
and hopefully
we're back in basement business soon!

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