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Lovely Lilah's 3 Month "Birthday"

9 lbs (roughly) 22.5" (roughly)

Sooo many new things this month:

- I had my first set of immunizations and was a CHAMP about it!

(Papa held me - he is my hero!)

- I graduated from car seat-sleeping to co-sleeping!

(For the first 2 months I slept in my car seat at night and Mama and Papa managed to not take a single picture of it???)

-I outgrew my newborn onesies and now wear 0-3 and even some 3-6 sometimes!

(Mommy was sad but also glad to finally get some use out of the ridiculous plethora of clothes in my closet.)

-I also outgrew my Newborn Pampers, or rather "outpoo'd" my Newborn Pampers!

(Again, Mommy was sad but turned out to be glad after I ruined a bunch of my new outfits!) 

-I have also discovered the 10 most delicious, lick-able treats - my fingers!

(Mommy likes that I like these "treats" too, although sometimes she worries when I end up gagging myself after binging on them like a bulimic!)

-My voice is getting stronger and stronger!

(Mommy thought at first I had Turrets Syndrome, but then realized that I just like to hear myself think out loud.  I am definitely my Daddy's daughter!)

-I've been learning TONS with my Baby Einstein videos!

(Mommy hopes that I don't turn into a couch-potato, so she watches them with me to make sure it is "educational")

Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see what new and exciting things the next month holds...


Do The "Mooing Moan" (Our Little PETA Princess)

When Brian and I first started dating (if you can really call it that), he told me a story that Lewis had told him, about a time when he worked at a slaughterhouse.  (Sharon and Lewis, you guys can separate the facts from my fiction in the comment section).  

Apparently the most humane way to end a cows life is to bludgeon it over the head with a sledgehammer (at least back in the day)?  

Who knew right?!  

The way Brian tells the story, his Dad does this spot-on impression of a cow entering the "death pen" oblivious to his demise, mooing and stupidly chewing his cud over and over.  Well, I guess they employ this mammoth man to do the dirty work.  So with a sharp blow to the noggin from this giant death-dealer, the mooing slows a little and turns into more of a morbid moan (Brian adds even more drama by letting his tongue loll out of his mouth and his eyes roll back in his head)!  

While there really isn't anything particularly funny about the story - it all hinges on the impression (this is where I wish I could insert an audio clip to really bring it home).  

Anyway, one night Brian and I decide to perform this little act for Lilah thinking it might entertain her to hear mooing and cud-chewing right?!  Not so much...

Girlfriend did not dig the impression - and still doesn't!  

Now, every time we mimic the "mooing moan", our little girl starts in with a frown which turns into a chin quiver, only to end in unabashed tears!

And of course, we think it's hilarious!!!


Lost in Translation

Turtle Talk...

Lucky for me, I can always count on being able to steal a few minutes hands-free when I set Lilah down in her changer. 

(again don't judge me
you try being the sole caretaker 
of a 2.5 month old for 2.5 months!)

Now I just need to learn how to say 

"Thank You" 

in Turtlespeak???


Fancy Pants Friday

That's right - sparkly black disco leggings!

It is Friday after all...

Enjoy your weekend!


Meeting Uncle Matty & Mammary Monkey Business

These pictures need no explanation...

Yeah - I'm probably going to be cut out of Matt's life forever after this one but it's soooo worth it...

Wouldn't you agree?!

(and yes, these pics are a few weeks old - sorry)


"Tiny Dancer"

A video montage paying tribute to Lilah's

"Tiny Dancer"

(hint hint to my hopes for the future)


(Which now actually semi-fit her not-so-chicken-leggy legs) 

and a

Happy Birthday 


Aunt Devon!!!

(another Tiny Dancer)

(her namesake)

*Sorry for the abrupt cut off, but this song is over six minutes long and that is a long time to look at the same few pictures of Lilah over and over in her "Tiny Dancer" leggings!
(even for me, her pushy supportive soon-to-be Momager )


Tummy Time Terror

This is what Tummy Time has become...

Maybe she's freaked out by the psychedelic glowing flowers and giraffe carcass hanging next to her head?! 


A Superfluous Saturday Post (to keep you on your toes)...

"WHO'S BAD???"

Okay, so I may not be sporting a Swaravzski-encrusted 
five-fingered sparkler...


 I have considered bedazzling my brand new
 "Breastfeeding Brace"

Dad, can you part with your Bedazzler for a few days?  (Ahahahahaha!!!)

No really, add this puppy to the list of battle scars I have incurred from Little Lilah! 

(If you aren't familiar with the wound list, 
we can go over it in private since I don't want to make any of the boys uncomfortable, 
or scare any of the girls into NEVER having a baby - ha ha!)

I will admit though, 
and Lilah can attest to this 
(if only she could talk)
that I do pull that flashy spirit-fingered move 
every time I put it on!

Try and talk smack...

Because I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
Come On
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
You Know It
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
You Know It, You Know
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
(And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now)
Just To Tell You Once Again,
(Just To Tell You Once Again)
Who's Bad . . .

(First off - my apologies to my husband for having Michael Jackson's picture on a blog associated with our daughter and the Garlick name.  Secondly, sorry to everyone else 'cause you know you're going to be singing that song ALL day!)

So here's a Lovely Lilah smile to make up for it!

She's BAD!!!


A Flippin Fun Flashback Friday

That's my girl...

'Cause she's a Garlick and

Yep, that's right...

That's how we roll (or flip in this case)!

Have a flippin' fabulous weekend!!!


A Papa Portrayal

"Tired & Over It"

A stunning, single act snapshot capturing the essence of life for  

Daddy everyday in the 


"A tour-de-force, brilliantly interpreted by Lilah Devon Garlick" - The Teuscher Review

"Two Thumbs Up - Way Up!!!" - Bert & Ernie

 "Gritty and Harrowing - it will forever change the way you picture Brian going to work" 
- The Garlick Press


"Crappy Holiday" (A Recap)

"Crappy Holiday" - photos that is!  

Yes, I know, my Facebook profile shows a "Holidays 2010" album filled with Kodak moment snapshots.  Yeah, I keep up with the "Jones's" when it comes to the photographic representation of my life and my loved ones (don't hate the player - hate the game 'cause you know you do it to).  

But for every perfect photo, there are a dozen imperfect outtakes (as I like to call them).  

I mean, you try to manage a 160 lb. South African Boerboel puppy, a 15 lb. aloof Yorkie (yeah Malcom got a little "jolly" this year), a recently "under-the-knife" newborn (thanks oral surgery) and some post-natal baby weight, i.e. flabby fleshy belly that has a mind of it's own!  The only thing I knew I could count on for sure was Brian pulling a "MacGyver" when I needed to come up with a way to stuff Lilah into a too small Christmas stocking!  
I love that man!!!

So we'll give a shout out to Atessa for wasting an entire day of her busy life at my house trying to capture beautiful family moments (we made out with a few though right girl?)!  I take the blame for all the rest...  

Bah Humbug!!!

('Til next year...)

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