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"Crappy Holiday" (A Recap)

"Crappy Holiday" - photos that is!  

Yes, I know, my Facebook profile shows a "Holidays 2010" album filled with Kodak moment snapshots.  Yeah, I keep up with the "Jones's" when it comes to the photographic representation of my life and my loved ones (don't hate the player - hate the game 'cause you know you do it to).  

But for every perfect photo, there are a dozen imperfect outtakes (as I like to call them).  

I mean, you try to manage a 160 lb. South African Boerboel puppy, a 15 lb. aloof Yorkie (yeah Malcom got a little "jolly" this year), a recently "under-the-knife" newborn (thanks oral surgery) and some post-natal baby weight, i.e. flabby fleshy belly that has a mind of it's own!  The only thing I knew I could count on for sure was Brian pulling a "MacGyver" when I needed to come up with a way to stuff Lilah into a too small Christmas stocking!  
I love that man!!!

So we'll give a shout out to Atessa for wasting an entire day of her busy life at my house trying to capture beautiful family moments (we made out with a few though right girl?)!  I take the blame for all the rest...  

Bah Humbug!!!

('Til next year...)

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