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In 'n Out

9 months in ...                   ... 9 months out

‎"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you, 
after all you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like 
from the inside." 
- Anonymous


Miss Lilah's Blues

"Black and Blues" 
that is...

This whole "crawl-walk-scoot-stand" thing is leaving it's mark!



Don't look so scared Lilah Belle...

...Mama promises to keep showering!
(when she can)


Mr. "T"

Happy Birthday
Mr. (Grandpa) "T"...

We pity the fools that don't have Grandpa's like you!!!



This Little Light Of Mine...

This was the second snapshot of only two that my dear friend Anna managed to capture while visiting.  

We stopped while we were ahead, 
because sometimes you just can't recreate a magic moment!

Thanks Anna!
(Hope you love the one of you and Livy)

EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio


Speaking In Toungues?

Little Liah must have been 
with the spit spirit?


What Lilah Get's To Do...

...while Mama picks up dog-poo!

That's her sympathy face.

Or maybe just her
"it's super sunny out and I should have a sun-hat on
'cause this stupid flower is doin' nothin' for sun protection, Mama" face?!

There's a small shadow across her forehead right?

(All the toys and she picks at loose strings on the blanket the whole time - go figure!)


Drop It Like It's Hawt...

Lovely Lilah's newest favorite pass time...

Good thing her coccyx isn't fully formed yet?!


Grass-Fed Friday


A good friend will never let you go hungry...

A good friend also never complains about what you feed them!

Full and happy!


Watermelon Wednesday

Nothing like a tasty slice of watermelon to
beat the summer heat...

Sometimes a diaper and a headband are all a girl needs to be cool!


Tub-time Tuesday

Rubber-duck-tub you're NOT the one...
You make (Lilah's) bath time NOT much fun...
Rubber-duck-tub she's NOT very fond of you!


Mountain Top Monday

Sundance Resort

(Yep - those are fur boots on the girls in the dead of summer!)

Bridal Veil Falls

(Little Lilah could not stop petting Liv's fur vest)


Florida Friends Friday

Lil' Peach is in the house...

... as you can tell from Lovely Lilah's face - we don't get many visitors!


Wakey Wakey...

...eggs and bacey nakey???

Somewhere between Mama getting Little Lilah out of her crib, setting her down 
and making her morning coffee, 
Miss "L" managed to make it to a partial state of undress?!


Downward Dog

Mommy & Me Yoga
have made an impression...

...'cause Little Lilah is 
practicing her downward dog!

She's getting pretty good at it too.

At least that is the lie Mama is telling herself 
'cause she can't come to terms with the fact 
that her baby may really just want to... 

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