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This Little Light Of Mine...

This was the second snapshot of only two that my dear friend Anna managed to capture while visiting.  

We stopped while we were ahead, 
because sometimes you just can't recreate a magic moment!

Thanks Anna!
(Hope you love the one of you and Livy)

EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio


  1. Amazing photo...she looks like like she is flying!!

  2. looks like she just stopped here to look at the camera for a moment, and in the next frame would be seen to turn and flit away! ggg

  3. adorable :) thank you for joining 'Earth Wonders' with it. would love to feature it on next week meme, but that means you've to backlink your entry on my photo challenge. that would be lovely. I also have a button if you wish to add it to the post. xoxo

  4. Thanks Ana - I think I have done it correctly? If not, let me know...

  5. Oh my goodness! This photo made my day! So awesomely adorable and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Oh my...I love this! Love that smile!

  7. Thanks everyone - this is one of my favorites too!


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