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At A Loss For Words

When you can't find the courage to come right out and say it...

...just have your kid wear it.

Bravery and social graces be damned!


Lovely Lilah's 10 Month "Birthday"

What a busy month Lilah Belle has had...

 - Hosting a shower for Aunt Kelly and Baby "B"

- Visit's from Aunt Devon, French "uncles" and Grandma T.

- Lazy pool days

- Crazy waterpark play

- Hiking and hot pots

- Eating (and eating lots)

- Climbing the stairs

- Growing new (blond) hairs

- Standing alone

- Doctor's visit to see how she's grown

- Throwing food on the floor

- Teething galore

Month 9-10...
Can we have you back again???


"The Happiest Baby On The Block"...

...has *NOTHIN' on us!
(even after waking up to poopy britches)

*(also pretty sure I have used this statement already this week, but oh well)


Domo Arigato...

...Aunt Devon-ato 
for my beautiful, 
hand-painted kimono 
from Japan!

(Kimono - Japan, Headband - local boutique)

Check us out over here today too getting on our "International" small style...


My Little Chiquita Banana Chomper

Carmen Miranda's got nothin' on Lovely Lilah...

This ridiculous outfit and headband were retired immediately following this post!

And no - Lilah has not taken to pacifiers. 
(Thankfully she never did - one battle avoided)

She does however get a kick out of chewing on one lately?
Works great for teething!

(She's got three coming in right now!)


Gut Check

For Little Lilah 
it's more of an absence of "gut"...
(not to be misinterpreted - she has ALL her literal "guts" and they are just fine!)

(sorry about the glare)

She is climbing the growth charts at 2.33%!
(up from 0.15% three months ago)

Sure LOVE her little GUTS!


Lazy Days of Summer

We've been MIA lately. 
It's been a busy few weeks, but we cannot tell a lie.  
We've mostly been trying to soak up the last few lazy days of summer...

*It's not that we're lazy (sarge) - it's just that soaking makes us tired all the time!

*just for you Papa Bear



Ladies Who Lunch...

... NEVER dance on the table!

Lilah misses you Aunt Janna!
(and Mama misses you and your babysitting skills)


The "K.G.B."...

We "hopak" you have a Kickin' Garlick Birthday Uncle Matty!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Love you Pookie!


Wet-N-Wild Wednesday

(This somehow got lost in the posts - yes, it's a little old)



For Wear...

... at least according to Papa Bear!

(Aunt Sara, you've been put on probation!)


To One Sweet Lil' Peach

Happy 1st Birthday Liv Sophia...

Without you...
life would just be the (peach) pits!




From garden...

(This is Lilah's "What can you make with this giant zucchini, Mama?" face.)

to table...

(delicious low-fat Zucchini Fries)

Lovely Lilah could not partake of the cookies 
(alas, nuts in the recipe) 
she definitely ate her fair share of the "fries"!

Gotta love a garden that helps to feed my little "seedling"!


Lovely Lilah's 9 Month "Birthday"

The word for month nine is...

The past few weeks I have:

- spent some time with my sweet Aunt Kelly and my "cousin-to-be" growing in her belly
(She taught Mama some fun new songs to sing)

- had a visit from far away Florida friends
(Mama loves a house full of guests, for the company and the extra help)

- played with my Uncle Matt and Aunt Delanie
(Mama loves watching them dote on me)

- started saying "nanananana"
(note: NOT "mamamama")

- started saying "dah" = "dog"
(Papa thinks I'm just confused and that I think Otis may be my dad?)

- found and employ my tongue on a daily basis, aka: spit
(Mama & Papa get a kick out of having me do it on command)

- learned to reach inside things without getting terrified when my hand "disappears"
(Mama spent an afternoon working with me on this one reassuring me)

- climbed the stairs!!!
(Mama is STILL working on teaching me how to "back it on up" - that's for you Papa)

- went to my first "Taste of The Valley" and tried: bbq chicken, tiger's blood icy, chocolate frozen yogurt, wood-fired pizza, artichoke dip, cornbread, pasta salad, Brazilian lemonade, lemon squares, grilled pineapple, kobe beef wrap, panzanella, chicken and mushroom enchilada, blackberries
and topped it all off with a red velvet cupcake!
(I had some very colorful diapers after that afternoon of indulgence)

- attended a play-date and picnic in the park
(Sorry Gretta for stealing your quesadilla)

- made Mama move the jump-a-roo up a notch
(My legs are getting longer and longer - thank you Garlick gene)

- cut my second tooth
(It sure took an extra long time)

- took my first big spill and ended up with a lovely bruise
(Mama was a little overly protective for a few days)

The summer months are slowly slipping away,
but I've got a lot more growing to do...
so make sure and check the blog every single day!

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