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Lovely Lilah's 9 Month "Birthday"

The word for month nine is...

The past few weeks I have:

- spent some time with my sweet Aunt Kelly and my "cousin-to-be" growing in her belly
(She taught Mama some fun new songs to sing)

- had a visit from far away Florida friends
(Mama loves a house full of guests, for the company and the extra help)

- played with my Uncle Matt and Aunt Delanie
(Mama loves watching them dote on me)

- started saying "nanananana"
(note: NOT "mamamama")

- started saying "dah" = "dog"
(Papa thinks I'm just confused and that I think Otis may be my dad?)

- found and employ my tongue on a daily basis, aka: spit
(Mama & Papa get a kick out of having me do it on command)

- learned to reach inside things without getting terrified when my hand "disappears"
(Mama spent an afternoon working with me on this one reassuring me)

- climbed the stairs!!!
(Mama is STILL working on teaching me how to "back it on up" - that's for you Papa)

- went to my first "Taste of The Valley" and tried: bbq chicken, tiger's blood icy, chocolate frozen yogurt, wood-fired pizza, artichoke dip, cornbread, pasta salad, Brazilian lemonade, lemon squares, grilled pineapple, kobe beef wrap, panzanella, chicken and mushroom enchilada, blackberries
and topped it all off with a red velvet cupcake!
(I had some very colorful diapers after that afternoon of indulgence)

- attended a play-date and picnic in the park
(Sorry Gretta for stealing your quesadilla)

- made Mama move the jump-a-roo up a notch
(My legs are getting longer and longer - thank you Garlick gene)

- cut my second tooth
(It sure took an extra long time)

- took my first big spill and ended up with a lovely bruise
(Mama was a little overly protective for a few days)

The summer months are slowly slipping away,
but I've got a lot more growing to do...
so make sure and check the blog every single day!


  1. adorable! and that chair is perfect for photos! so cute!

  2. Thanks girl - we scored her rocker at a thrift store for $25!


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