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No Soup For You!

Lilah Belle attempting to stab eat soup with a spoon...
(and it looking more like a crime scene)

Lilah Belle attempting to eat soup with a spoon...
(after an aha-parenting moment of changing her spoon hold)

Can't really blame her for stabbing her soup.
I'd be frustrated too if someone handed me the spoon bassackwards and told me to eat.

With Papa Bear back in town now 
we sure have a lot of holiday festivities to catch up on.

Hope you have a "full" weekend ahead!


  1. lol! so so cute! have a great weekend. :)

  2. she's a doll. you are brave to let her go with the soup! after 3 kids i'm so ready for people to stop spilling their food (and chucking it) everywhere.

    hooray for grandma julie being in town!


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