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Like Mother, Like Daughter...

When I was visiting Vermont this past winter, I happened upon a photo album filled with pictures from my own first few months.  My mother was a super young she-warrior (which I was not, when Lilah finally came along) and incredibly beautiful!  She was only able to share her new experience with her own mother, my grandmother, for a short while before she passed away unexpectedly.  I cannot imagine contending the journey of "new motherhood" alone as she did.  Since Lilah's birth (and even before, during a fertility battle and a complicated pregnancy), my mother has been my unsung hero!  Under-appreciated (sadly, as all moms are at some point), disrespected (unfortunately, as no mom ever should be) - and still she is my shining example of what it means to be "Mom."  When I call her for forgotten lyrics to silly songs I remember hearing as a child (so I can pass them along to Lilah); her concern and support, extending so far as to bring a lactation consultant into my home so I could conquer the frustrating fight of breastfeeding; mowing my lawn with fortitude when my husband was overseas and I was too "with child" (and under doctors orders) not to do it myself; never questioning any of my parenting decisions, only supporting me with an outstretched hand or an experienced ear - these examples only begin to scratch the surface of the fierce love I have felt from my mom.  She has had four children, all delivered C-section, and I cannot fathom being stretched so thin... literally.  I proudly bear a similar "battle-scar" of motherhood, just as my mother does.  My Little Lilah entered into this world fighting for breath, with the warrior-woman courage of her lineage.  The following posts are a pictorial of "like mother, like daughter"... images captured in time (ironically) including a few with the amazing mothers who have come before me...

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of this holiday, 
"A Lilah A Day" will be featuring guest posts this coming week 
with personal reflections on motherhood and Mother's Day 
from friends, family and fellow bloggers 
so stay tuned...


  1. I loved seeing those pictures side by side. I haven't seen a photo of Grandma Joyce in ages. Thanks Tys.


  2. I love how you posted your pic with your family as a baby and Lilah with you beautiful. I hope you had a very happy mothers day!

  3. @ Chris - grandma was sooo pretty!

    @ R & Morgan - thanks ladies! It was funny to flip through my parents old photo album and think, "hey, I have a picture of Lilah like that"...


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