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Hot Pot's & Naked Tots

(Iphone Instagram)

Lilah Belle and Mama's first hike to Diamond Fork Hot Springs.

This excerpt was taken directly from a website describing the "hot pots":

A word of caution: The hot pots here are very nice. Sadly, they attract a good number of people who enjoy soaking in the nude. The hot pots are located just below and above the lower waterfall - the falling water all but lands in one big pool. The trail winds past this area and continues up the canyon to the second waterfall. If you hike it be prepared to see totally nude people soaking in the water, relaxing on rocks and hiking the trail.

Luckily, Mama was able to shield young eyes from one single, wrinkly, old man bum! 

Not to be outdone though, 
Miss L. provided a (little) much cuter "moon-shine" of her own!

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