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Fashion Friday: Baby Wear Weekend Gear

So this was my outfit of choice to carry me through a weekend of: 

- greenhouse shopping
- garden planting
- chicken coop building
UFC fights
(random I know)

but when the weather goes from 65 to 40 in one day (with a high chance of snow)...
you have to be flexible!

BOO to the schizophrenic Spring weather lately! 

I bet we miss Spring all together.

Guess I better get Summer outfits together?

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Who?  Who?  Who?  Who?  Who?


Lovely Lilah's 6 Month "Birthday"

These past few weeks have been full of firsts!

I have...

 - Given up the swaddle straight jacket!
(Mom thought I was Houdini and didn't understand why I was waking up frustrated with one arm out)

At the same time...

- Reverted back to my newborn sleeping habits!
(Mama and Papa have aged 10 years due to lack of sleep and 
are praying it is just a growth spurt kind of thing - HELP???)

 - Started napping in my crib!
(Daddy is pleased to see the crib Mommy was insistent on having ready before I was born, 
FINALLY getting some use!)

 - Outgrown the bathtub sling!
(It took a few nights of fussy tub time for the 'Rents to understand 
that I wanted to sit up and splash around) 

 - Begun sitting up on my own!
(Thankfully, I don't mind so much when I topple over - Mama on the other hand needs to chill out!)

 - Started solids! 
(We're taking it slow - post to follow)

 - Celebrated Easter!
(Thank goodness Grandma sent me a basket, otherwise I'd have been "basket-less"?!)

 - Begun to "recognize" some of the ASL signs Mama introduced!
(post to follow) 

 - Made it to 6 months on the "booby-juice"!
(This one is more for Mama's confidence, but it wouldn't have been possible without my cooperation)

Since I have no concept of time, 
I'll let Mama express how quickly the past 6 months have flown by...

  Papa and Mama have a sneaking suspicion that life is not going to slow down for the next 20+ years?  We'll just have to hold on to each other and enjoy the ride...

For now, here's to loving every minute of the next few weeks and what they hold!


Breakfast At Tiffany's

Lilah pulling her best Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in 
"Breakfast At Tiffany's"...

What a diva!


A Morning Growler

Let me just say that the following is NOT what your thinking...

that would be GROSS


this is CUTE!

She kills me with the sly smiles once she sees the camera and realizes she's busted!


Born With A Silver Spoon In Her Mouth?

More like plastic...

Lovely Lilah cannot seem to get enough of these plastic rubbery spoons her Grandma Garlick sent her.

Not only does she consistently gag herself...

...but Papa and Mama have found that in the middle of a tear-fest,
whip out the rubber spoon and give her a good smack or two (or twenty) on the mouth
and she immediately ceases to bawl and gets down to some good old fashioned tongue-wagging action?!

(Sadly, Papa admitted to "spoon-smacking" for a good 15 minutes one evening while babysitting!)

  And as you can see from the pictures, we have no qualms about pulling the spoon out in public - hence the photos of the Scout's Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser we attended.

Talk about an oral fixation?

Seriously, keep the smokes away from this one?!


Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"The Wide-Leg Jean"

Jeans: Gap

I'm actually really loving this new Spring trend!

Not only are the wide-legs pretty universally flattering, 
I'm digging the higher-waisted ones out this year.

They give the illusion of longer legs and also provide a little postpartum-pooch coverage. 

In order to get the most flattering line, 
stick with a wedge or heel that allows the jeans to just graze the floor.

I will admit though, for weekend wear sometimes I'll just throw on my Chucks and go...

Some'bunny" Loves You...

Hope your weekend is a hoppin' one!


Papa Bear Morning Wear

Gotta love those mornings when Papa takes Lovely Lilah 
so Mama can sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep!

Also have to appreciate the mainly "fashion for function"
wardrobe that she's decked out in when I do wake-up.

One that entails knee-socks over skinny-jeans, under "maggie" jammies, 
with "house-slippers" (as he called them)... 

He said it was a chilly morning?!

Another fun one...

Again with the "maggie" jammies, under a swaddle-sack (straight-jacket portion removed) 
with a floral beanie!  

He was super proud that not only was everything "matching" (matching=pink) but that it was suitable side-walk wear for bringing the trash can back in from the street?!

I say if Papa's idea of baby chic = more Mama sleep 
then like the great Tim Gunn says 
"Make it work"! 


Star Trek Scare

I'm pretty sure I'd be a little uneasy too if it looked like I was turning into a Klingon???

Good thing it just turned out to be a "post-nap on Mommy's lap" imprint!

Guess that means she'll continue to "Live Long and Prosper"...


Baby-Wear Weekend Gear (Bonus Post)

Gotta love an outfit that get's you through a weekend of much needed

grocery shopping, 

leisurely bookstore visits, 

coffee with "Momfriends", 

lazy walks by the river in the woods behind the house


headband making projects for Lilah for upcoming family portraits!

(Lilah is totally giving the stink eye - but I swear she loves every adventure in her Bjorn)

If you'd like to see more Mom style ideas...

see "Aint No Mom Jeans' Mom Street Style Linkup":

There's plenty of inspiration to be shared!

And maybe we'll extend our Fashion Friday TTW posts

to include a weekend post designated to baby-wearing



Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways Cargos

This week we take a look at:

"The Skinny Cargo"

Cargos: American Eagle

Yeah - I was not willing to shell out the $150 for the real J Brand Houlihans that everyone is buzzing about??? 

First off, anyone that knows me knows that I am pretty much a cheapskate bargain hunter.  

Secondly, why would I ever pay that much money to wear something that I know is going to eventually end up covered in baby puke? 

 And so, I scouted and waited and ended up dropping $14 on these sufficiently good knock-offs at good old AE!  

That's right - if you calculate the PPW 
(that's "Price Per Wear" for all you non-thrifty spenders) 
based solely on the three pics above 
we're looking at $4.66/wear
 so far...

Now I can fill all those cargo pockets with the extra loot I saved!  

The New Chicks On The Block...


Mabel, Roxy 
"Fog-hen" Leghorn 

Little Lilah was so excited she started to "Step by Step"...

Big Otis gave a sniff or two but I think "Pussycat Dolls" are more his thing ...

Malcom was whimpering and quivering like a teenage girl at a NKOTB concert...

"Please Don't Go Girl(s)"

Mama was nervous about holding them but ended up "Hangin' Tough"...

Papa had to make sure Lilah didn't get too close or she would "Never Let [You] Go"... 

Here's to hoping these chicks "have got the right stuff"
we don't end up with roosters?!

Hope you have a sunny side up sort of weekend!

My apologies 'cause you know you're going to be rockin' some NKOTB in your head ALL weekend! 

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