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Papa Bear Morning Wear

Gotta love those mornings when Papa takes Lovely Lilah 
so Mama can sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep!

Also have to appreciate the mainly "fashion for function"
wardrobe that she's decked out in when I do wake-up.

One that entails knee-socks over skinny-jeans, under "maggie" jammies, 
with "house-slippers" (as he called them)... 

He said it was a chilly morning?!

Another fun one...

Again with the "maggie" jammies, under a swaddle-sack (straight-jacket portion removed) 
with a floral beanie!  

He was super proud that not only was everything "matching" (matching=pink) but that it was suitable side-walk wear for bringing the trash can back in from the street?!

I say if Papa's idea of baby chic = more Mama sleep 
then like the great Tim Gunn says 
"Make it work"! 

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