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Lovely Lilah's 7 Month "Birthday"

(This is a few days late)


This month, I've been...

 - On a 1400 mile road trip
(Mama and Papa had no idea that I would manage the drive better than Otis)

 - Enjoying a plethora of new flavors and textures thanks to B.L.W.
(Look forward to an upcoming"Food Week" on the blog this month)

 - Learning to drink from a cup
(Mama and Papa sometimes end up drowning me, but I'll get it soon enough)

 - Whining when Mama leaves the room
(Mama secretly loves this, but always tells other people she hopes I get over it)

 - Repeating "dadadadada" over and over
(Mama tells other people she loves this, but secretly wishes I'd get over it and move on to my "m's")

- Cutting my first two teeth 
(Mama hopes that these do not inadvertently interfere with breast feeding?)

- Spending some time on my hands and knees
(Mama and Papa know I could take off any day now???)

Month 6 to 7 has been heaven.
Here's to hoping 7 to 8 is just as great...


Memorial Day The Garlick Way

"Burger Face"

(Thanks to Papa's famous pastrami burgers!)

Enjoy your Memorial Day
and also make sure to take time 
to remember those who have died in our nations service! 


Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"Striped Skirt"

So I picked up this little skirt at Target on a whim a few weeks ago 
and it has become one of my favorite items!  Maybe it's the stripes (I'm sort of obsessed lately), maybe it's the flattering fit, or the fact that it is beyond versatile!

In keeping with this weeks CA visit recap, I thought I would show you
how this single striped skirt helped me pack incredibly light, while also keeping me super chic...

I'm cheating here, 'cause this is actually an old photo, but I promise I did wear an approximation of this exact outfit sometime on my trip...

This was a "shopping day" outfit.  I pulled that skirt up (waaay up) and turned it into a tube-dress, added some accessories and was all set for a day of dropping cash...

Third "outfit" came together for a much-needed date night.  This time I folded the skirt in half and got a little "sexy" with it.  Nothing easier than a black tank and some wedges and a necklace to sass it up.

So there you have it.
Or if you don't yet have it - check out your local Targey and get it!!!

I am still coming up with countless ways to wear this skirt, so don't get tired of it yet people!

On The Road Again...

Who needs a mix tape cd for a 12 hour drive home from CA... 
(I just totally aged myself)

...when Lovely Lilah can provide the sweetest soundtrack?

We loooove baby babble!


Meet & Greet & Eat (And Repeat)...

Lovely Lilah was finally able to meet extended family at a barbecue
where she was the "guest of honor"...

Too bad she felt the need to throw elbows at adorable Aubrey Jane!
Now we'll never be invited back!

Another evening, Lovely Lilah was able to meet more family...

The kids were all swimming and Lovely Lilah was eyeing the water 
so Papa let her dip her pretty little toes...

We can't wait to get her in the water now!
(All me need is a pool and warm weather already)

Thanks to everyone for all the warm hospitality...


Not So Wild Wednesday...

Gibson Ranch is a former "working ranch" super close to Grandma & Grandpa G's house.
Mama and Papa have visited a few times,
this was Lovely Lilah's first adventure...

Now Papa wants to add goats to The Garlick Homestead???

"Imagine the milk and cheese?" he says...

"Imagine the POOP" Mama says!

Too Hot Tuesday...

Lovely Lilah was able to soak up some sun in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard one lazy afternoon.

Papa was all over managing those crazy rays...

I guess Otis was "too hot"too...


Mother's Day: The California Way

Papa cooked Mama and Grandma "G" a delicious brunch...
(which Lilah also enjoyed and then washed down with a glass of water)

We then spent the afternoon introducing Great Grandma "B" to Little Lilah for the first time....

The mild weather allowed us to take some pictures for posterity...
(And in case you can't tell - there were major "camera wars"= "where do I look")

Three generations...


We can't forget Great Grandma's furry friend - Molly...

Or "furry" Uncle Matty...
(Lilah LOVES her Uncle Matt - she's such a little flirt)

But the "furriest" of all...

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