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Lovely Lilah's 7 Month "Birthday"

(This is a few days late)


This month, I've been...

 - On a 1400 mile road trip
(Mama and Papa had no idea that I would manage the drive better than Otis)

 - Enjoying a plethora of new flavors and textures thanks to B.L.W.
(Look forward to an upcoming"Food Week" on the blog this month)

 - Learning to drink from a cup
(Mama and Papa sometimes end up drowning me, but I'll get it soon enough)

 - Whining when Mama leaves the room
(Mama secretly loves this, but always tells other people she hopes I get over it)

 - Repeating "dadadadada" over and over
(Mama tells other people she loves this, but secretly wishes I'd get over it and move on to my "m's")

- Cutting my first two teeth 
(Mama hopes that these do not inadvertently interfere with breast feeding?)

- Spending some time on my hands and knees
(Mama and Papa know I could take off any day now???)

Month 6 to 7 has been heaven.
Here's to hoping 7 to 8 is just as great...


  1. Awe she is so cute! I love her crib too I have never seen one like that!

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  2. Thanks Morgan - the crib is PB (got a crazy good deal on it at Down East) and it converts into a toddler and then a full-sized bed with headboard!


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