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"Black Swan"

A special Sunday post

in honor of next weeks Oscar's!

"My Sweet Girl"

With a behind the scenes look

at the making of...

(Thanks Aunt Devon for your creative direction)

Hope your favorite movie wins!


  1. You've been busy while I wasn't looking!! I can't believe this last one... I really thought for a second "how did you stand her up in a ballet pose!?" You're going to have to publish a book after one year of this... a slick photo glossy.. I want one!

  2. I hope you're keeping these and going to publish them. They are too fun.


  3. The plan is to turn this into a book capturing her first year...

    And yes Sharon, we'll be taking orders - ha ha!

    Not gonna lie though - totally thought the Oscar's were last night! Oh well...

  4. This is amazing, I love the theme too! You should compile these themed photos into a book and make millions.


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