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Weight Watchers

Here is the picture story of our morning:

We stayed in our jammies for our visit to the pediatrician 
(it was Mommy's subliminal sleep message 'cause last night was NOT a good one)

  Lovely Lilah looking out the window on the way to the doctors office...

About to get undressed for all the fun...

Drumroll please ???...

Yep - that's right!  
That scale says 9.01 lbs!!!

Lilah is in the 0.18 percentile for weight and the the 51% for height at 24.25 inches!

For some reason this little peanut cannot seem to get enough calories?  Maybe because she is ALWAYS moving?  Maybe she is just going to be the next Giselle?  Maybe it's because she expends so much energy babbling away about her day?  Maybe it's because she uses so many muscles in her face to keep that grin going all the time?  Maybe Mommy is jealous and wishes she had the same problem???

the doctor was not terribly concerned.  He simply said we need to get some meat on her bones.

And so...
let the supplementing begin 

As for her shots - she did amazing!

(We both sure missed Daddy though)

Now we have a lazy day of napping and eating ahead of us.

Lovely Lilah's 4 Month Birthday

 This past month I...

- Took my first airplane ride
(and made my Jet Blue Blog debut)

- Found myself in a mirror 
(and boy do I love to chat myself up)

- Slept through the night 
(a few times at least - Mama woke up scared 'cause she thought I was dead)

- Went to my first movie in a theater
(and recreated my own version of it)

- Attended my first yoga class
(pics and post still to come)

- Found out I am "allergic" to milk
 (Dad questioned if I was really a Garlick)

- Graduated from the sink to my tub
 (blog post to follow)

- Keep rolling over every time I am put on my tummy
(I don't hate it so much anymore)

Today I get another round of immunizations!  
Sure wish Papa was here to comfort me, but Mama and I are going to be brave!!!

We'll also find out just how much I have grown - can't wait...


"True Grit"

So in honor of 


Academy Awards

(and Lilah's first movie in a theater)...

I know she looks more 

"eye-patched prairie-girl" 


"Rooster Gogburn"


"Mattie Ross" 

But even Lilah has her limits which include attemtps at:

fake braids
cowboy hats
 shot guns
and bear skins

Post photo shoot I also realized that Lovely Lilah
is riding a deaf horse!

Apparently my creativity has it's limits too!

Love my little leading lady!


"Fweaky" Friday

Lilah got to spend some quality time with 


(Yes Mel, Greta's nickname has stuck)

Franky's such a lover!

Try that with Otis and he makes a run for it!

165 lb. guard-dog 
scared of a baby...

Add that to the ridiculous list:

-bags blowing in the wind
-slick floors

Oh well - good thing Otis is a handsome devil!

Hope you have a "fweaky" weekend!


Semi-Melted Snow Day The Vermont Way

Unfortunately we weren't able to get outside for pictures
immediately after the snowstorm that came through.

I made an executive decision 
that dragging my daughter outside in -10 weather 
just for some fun snow shots could 
(and probably should) 
be considered child abuse!

So alas, you don't get the full impact of just how much snow there was but this will have to do!

Once the sun came out a few days later...
we were most definitely headed outside!

Big thanks to the cute lady in my parents church 
that gave Lilah the adorable
(and incredibly warm) 
penguin snow bundler! 
When I took her out post photo shoot, 
she was all sorts of sweaty...

And yes,
I see the irony of trying to avoid child abuse accusations
while simultaneously stuffing my daughter in a snow drift!


Hanging With Hunky Hank

We were so excited to get the chance to meet 
Uncle Scott, Aunt Caroline and Cousin Henry

(or "Awnri" as the French-Canadians would pronounce it 
and how Lilah was acting)...

We love you guys and hope to be able to spend more time together sometime soon!

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