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Lovely Lilah's 4 Month Birthday

 This past month I...

- Took my first airplane ride
(and made my Jet Blue Blog debut)

- Found myself in a mirror 
(and boy do I love to chat myself up)

- Slept through the night 
(a few times at least - Mama woke up scared 'cause she thought I was dead)

- Went to my first movie in a theater
(and recreated my own version of it)

- Attended my first yoga class
(pics and post still to come)

- Found out I am "allergic" to milk
 (Dad questioned if I was really a Garlick)

- Graduated from the sink to my tub
 (blog post to follow)

- Keep rolling over every time I am put on my tummy
(I don't hate it so much anymore)

Today I get another round of immunizations!  
Sure wish Papa was here to comfort me, but Mama and I are going to be brave!!!

We'll also find out just how much I have grown - can't wait...

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