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Weight Watchers

Here is the picture story of our morning:

We stayed in our jammies for our visit to the pediatrician 
(it was Mommy's subliminal sleep message 'cause last night was NOT a good one)

  Lovely Lilah looking out the window on the way to the doctors office...

About to get undressed for all the fun...

Drumroll please ???...

Yep - that's right!  
That scale says 9.01 lbs!!!

Lilah is in the 0.18 percentile for weight and the the 51% for height at 24.25 inches!

For some reason this little peanut cannot seem to get enough calories?  Maybe because she is ALWAYS moving?  Maybe she is just going to be the next Giselle?  Maybe it's because she expends so much energy babbling away about her day?  Maybe it's because she uses so many muscles in her face to keep that grin going all the time?  Maybe Mommy is jealous and wishes she had the same problem???

the doctor was not terribly concerned.  He simply said we need to get some meat on her bones.

And so...
let the supplementing begin 

As for her shots - she did amazing!

(We both sure missed Daddy though)

Now we have a lazy day of napping and eating ahead of us.


  1. If you'll notice - in the first picture Lilah is giving the "double bird"! Guess she knew what was coming - LOL!

  2. this website is so freakin cut!! is your husband away? if he is, what a great way to keep him updated on his sweet family's life without him there. adorable. lilah is delicious :) i have gigantic boys, so my right arm is incredibly jealous of your right arm right now. petit and sweet :) thanks for sharing. hope all is well. take care.

    Amanda Misner


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