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Mommy & Me Monday Moved to Tuesday

(Vermont Edition continued...)

While we were visiting,

Mommy and Lilah took advantage of the awesomeness that is...

"Mommy Matinee"

(I love my "earthy-crunchy yuppie" Green Mountain State)

Lilah's first movie was 
"True Grit" 

(Yes - we are annoying and took a picture in the theatre.  Notice I say "we" as if Lilah had any choice in the matter.  Makes me feel better to make her a partner in my shenanigans)

We also managed to fit in a few shopping trips...  

The results of which ended with Mommy having to ship 2 boxes home because our suitcase
 was at capacity!

(Thanks Grandma)

(Ready to get our "shop" on)

(Gotta be comfy for cold-weather shopping)

And lastly
we did A LITTLE of this...

(when Mommy was able to pry you from Grandma & Grandpa)

1 comment:

  1. That's right! Pry is a good word...She is such a cuddle bug! I just love, love, love that girl!!


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