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Revisiting 2011: "Floor Foto's"

Since everyone else is doing it (haha)...

Here is our first recap post from 2011:

"Floor Foto's"

Our very first "floor foto".

 In honor of the 2011 Academy Awards.

Apparently this one never made it to "publish".

(and our final "floor foto")

"Floor Foto's" 
were beyond fun for me to do 
and Little Lilah Belle was an incredibly great sport about letting me use her as a creative outlet 
when I was stuck in the house alone with a newborn for months at a time.

my little muse had to grow up...
but I'll always treasure these pictures 
and have fond memories of these precious (and silly) moments I was able to capture.


  1. These pictures are beyond cute! I can't take it!

  2. So cute! Never seen this kind of photo done before. Seems like it takes alot of creativity and resourcefulness to make these little "scenes"!


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