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Semi-Melted Snow Day The Vermont Way

Unfortunately we weren't able to get outside for pictures
immediately after the snowstorm that came through.

I made an executive decision 
that dragging my daughter outside in -10 weather 
just for some fun snow shots could 
(and probably should) 
be considered child abuse!

So alas, you don't get the full impact of just how much snow there was but this will have to do!

Once the sun came out a few days later...
we were most definitely headed outside!

Big thanks to the cute lady in my parents church 
that gave Lilah the adorable
(and incredibly warm) 
penguin snow bundler! 
When I took her out post photo shoot, 
she was all sorts of sweaty...

And yes,
I see the irony of trying to avoid child abuse accusations
while simultaneously stuffing my daughter in a snow drift!

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