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Vermont Vacay Replay

This weeks posts will be dedicated to our recent trip to 
The Green Mountain State!

First up:

Plane Rides!

Lovely Lilah was such a pro on the plane both to and from Vermont.

I will have to say that having a seat specifically for her 
my sanity though!

Not to mention my own personal "nannies"
(thank you Grandma Julie and Aunt Devon)

There was only one leg of all four flights that we did not have the entire row to ourselves
and although Lilah was an angel, 
she did manage to continuously kick the poor middle-aged gentlemen seated next to us 
while I was breastfeeding her!

(On a side-note, he spent the ENTIRE 45 minute flight with his neck craned toward the window 
making me doubly uncomfortable about the need to feed my child or more importantly avoid any meltdowns due to the change in air pressure during take-off and landing)

Other than that slightly embarrassing booby moment 
(these were our first public breastfeeding adventures)
Lilah's incessant need to poop her britches 

every time 

following a change in the teeny-tiny germ-infested plane bathroom...

(We joined a different kind of "Mile High Club" although I'd venture to say no less disgusting, just on a different level)

my little girl pretty much slept!

(Thank you jammies and a swaddle sack)

Gotta love that the red-eye over fell right in line with Lilah's sleep schedule!

We "heart" Jet Blue!

P.S. Stay tuned for some fun news regarding a Lovely Lilah and Jet Blue "collaboration"... 

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