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Fashion Friday: Baby Wear Weekend Gear

So this was my outfit of choice to carry me through a weekend of: 

- greenhouse shopping
- garden planting
- chicken coop building
UFC fights
(random I know)

but when the weather goes from 65 to 40 in one day (with a high chance of snow)...
you have to be flexible!

BOO to the schizophrenic Spring weather lately! 

I bet we miss Spring all together.

Guess I better get Summer outfits together?


  1. I love her hat!! I have two boys and I would so love to dress them in flowers...but I think they might mind! Lilah is just so adorable!

  2. Thanks - it took me 6 months to come around to GIANT flowers on her hats! It just didn't feel right in the winter months and she was sooo petite that I felt like it took away from her adorableness (even a word?). Now that she is bigger though and Spring had sprung (sort of) I am giving in to flower power - ha ha!


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