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Lovely Lilah's 6 Month "Birthday"

These past few weeks have been full of firsts!

I have...

 - Given up the swaddle straight jacket!
(Mom thought I was Houdini and didn't understand why I was waking up frustrated with one arm out)

At the same time...

- Reverted back to my newborn sleeping habits!
(Mama and Papa have aged 10 years due to lack of sleep and 
are praying it is just a growth spurt kind of thing - HELP???)

 - Started napping in my crib!
(Daddy is pleased to see the crib Mommy was insistent on having ready before I was born, 
FINALLY getting some use!)

 - Outgrown the bathtub sling!
(It took a few nights of fussy tub time for the 'Rents to understand 
that I wanted to sit up and splash around) 

 - Begun sitting up on my own!
(Thankfully, I don't mind so much when I topple over - Mama on the other hand needs to chill out!)

 - Started solids! 
(We're taking it slow - post to follow)

 - Celebrated Easter!
(Thank goodness Grandma sent me a basket, otherwise I'd have been "basket-less"?!)

 - Begun to "recognize" some of the ASL signs Mama introduced!
(post to follow) 

 - Made it to 6 months on the "booby-juice"!
(This one is more for Mama's confidence, but it wouldn't have been possible without my cooperation)

Since I have no concept of time, 
I'll let Mama express how quickly the past 6 months have flown by...

  Papa and Mama have a sneaking suspicion that life is not going to slow down for the next 20+ years?  We'll just have to hold on to each other and enjoy the ride...

For now, here's to loving every minute of the next few weeks and what they hold!

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