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Gut Check

For Little Lilah 
it's more of an absence of "gut"...
(not to be misinterpreted - she has ALL her literal "guts" and they are just fine!)

(sorry about the glare)

She is climbing the growth charts at 2.33%!
(up from 0.15% three months ago)

Sure LOVE her little GUTS!


  1. I never realized how tiny she really was! How much did she weigh when she was born?

  2. She was 6.7 lbs when she was born, but left the hospital at 5.14 and took about a month to get back to her birth weight. She's a peanut for sure! We can still bust out a few 0-3 clothes - LOL!

  3. LOL yes Aubrey definitely has this little one beat in stats--but don't worry, I was always in the <2 percentile, & I turned out just fine! (A little shrimpy, but we deal!)


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