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Do The "Mooing Moan" (Our Little PETA Princess)

When Brian and I first started dating (if you can really call it that), he told me a story that Lewis had told him, about a time when he worked at a slaughterhouse.  (Sharon and Lewis, you guys can separate the facts from my fiction in the comment section).  

Apparently the most humane way to end a cows life is to bludgeon it over the head with a sledgehammer (at least back in the day)?  

Who knew right?!  

The way Brian tells the story, his Dad does this spot-on impression of a cow entering the "death pen" oblivious to his demise, mooing and stupidly chewing his cud over and over.  Well, I guess they employ this mammoth man to do the dirty work.  So with a sharp blow to the noggin from this giant death-dealer, the mooing slows a little and turns into more of a morbid moan (Brian adds even more drama by letting his tongue loll out of his mouth and his eyes roll back in his head)!  

While there really isn't anything particularly funny about the story - it all hinges on the impression (this is where I wish I could insert an audio clip to really bring it home).  

Anyway, one night Brian and I decide to perform this little act for Lilah thinking it might entertain her to hear mooing and cud-chewing right?!  Not so much...

Girlfriend did not dig the impression - and still doesn't!  

Now, every time we mimic the "mooing moan", our little girl starts in with a frown which turns into a chin quiver, only to end in unabashed tears!

And of course, we think it's hilarious!!!


  1. Oh that expression almost brings ME to tears. Sad.

  2. You missed the unabridged, big enthusiastic version of the story, as told by Lewis to all my family at Thanksgiving... including my animal-loving PETA cousins! Their faces look just like Lilah's the entire time!


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