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Lovely Lilah's 3 Month "Birthday"

9 lbs (roughly) 22.5" (roughly)

Sooo many new things this month:

- I had my first set of immunizations and was a CHAMP about it!

(Papa held me - he is my hero!)

- I graduated from car seat-sleeping to co-sleeping!

(For the first 2 months I slept in my car seat at night and Mama and Papa managed to not take a single picture of it???)

-I outgrew my newborn onesies and now wear 0-3 and even some 3-6 sometimes!

(Mommy was sad but also glad to finally get some use out of the ridiculous plethora of clothes in my closet.)

-I also outgrew my Newborn Pampers, or rather "outpoo'd" my Newborn Pampers!

(Again, Mommy was sad but turned out to be glad after I ruined a bunch of my new outfits!) 

-I have also discovered the 10 most delicious, lick-able treats - my fingers!

(Mommy likes that I like these "treats" too, although sometimes she worries when I end up gagging myself after binging on them like a bulimic!)

-My voice is getting stronger and stronger!

(Mommy thought at first I had Turrets Syndrome, but then realized that I just like to hear myself think out loud.  I am definitely my Daddy's daughter!)

-I've been learning TONS with my Baby Einstein videos!

(Mommy hopes that I don't turn into a couch-potato, so she watches them with me to make sure it is "educational")

Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see what new and exciting things the next month holds...

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  1. look at that... her little face is round now.. cute!


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