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Making Friends

A package arrived this week for Lovely Lilah,
courtesy of her Grandma G.

Inside was a sweet dolly,
coincidentally looked a little like Miss "L" minus the big blue eyes,
(Lilah's have been pegged "grey")
and the ears were waaay to small!

First, Lilah stole her headband...

...and proceeded to try to tear it in two with her razor-sharp tooth
(all the while dolly looked on helplessly)

...then she aggressively performed a" half-nelson slam"
(dolly was stunned into submission)

...and finally looked to Otis with a snarky grin for his bark of approval!
(notice dolly's dislocated shoulder after a futile attempt to tap out)

It may be me, 
I think Lovely Lilah may have a tough time making friends in the future - just sayin'?

1 comment:

  1. Especially how she treated Aubrey too-LOL! Yeah right, she will be the most popular girl at school with her looks! :)


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