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The "Stand-In"

Maybe you recall this post about a certain flooded basement?

due to a nap
(and child labor laws) 
Lovely Lilah needed a "stand-in" 
to showcase Papa's incredible basement re-building skills!
(5 days from concrete slab to livable space - that man is a SUPER HERO)

This photo is actually a few weeks old.
(we have been enjoying a fully re-finished and re-furnished basement for awhile now)

We auditioned the "stand-in"
aka: Malcom
(or Tarzan according to our neighbors 2 year old)
since he nailed the intensity of the moment,
he was our first choice and we figured hair and make-up could take care of the rest?
(No "director's couch" for this lucky guy - just raw talent)

But we couldn't let the "star" be left out of the limelight...
(it's in her contract)

Even if half the time she is asleep on the job!


  1. Great job on the basement by your husband. Malcom does a good job, but not quite as cute as Lilah!

  2. Agreed! That poor dog though - he'll let us do just about anything to him!


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