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Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"Threads Three Ways"
is going to change slightly for now...

Between a semi-mobile Lilah, 
 and flyin' solo, 
time is limited and so is my energy!

Instead of one post, showing an item three ways, 
I'll give you one post a week for three weeks showing you that item three different ways.
(What about the 4th week you ask?  Fashion Friday Free-For-All, I suppose?)

So here goes...

"The Convertible Maxi"

Maxi: Target, Tank: H&M, Sandals: AE, Panama: H&M

The versatility of this maxi dress/skirt is the reason I purchased it - not to mention the bargain price!

You'll see in the next few weeks
 why this is no "regular" black maxi 
(and then you'll want one for yourself)
so stay tuned...

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