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At least that what we are calling it
when a certain company shows up at our front door at 9:00 am, 
(a day early without notice)
 ready to bust out the jackhammers and rip up the concrete in our flooded basement, 
while we are in the middle of eating strawberry toast in our jammies...

Fast forward a half hour to Mama and Lilah checking in to the local Marriot!
(Thank you hotel desk clerk that made an exception and let us into our room at 10:00 am 
without questioning our schlempy appearance)

Rules of a Garlick "staycation":

There are no rules!

Playtime on a fluffy white king-sized bed...

(no fear of rolling off here)

A walk to get pistachio & chocolate hazelnut gelato...

"Gelato Face"
(Lovely Lilah's first taste of sugar)


(not for Mama - Lilah is a bed hog)

Waiting to get in the pool... 

(another first - separate post to follow)

Bath time like a big girl...

(to warm up and rinse off after the pool)

Some girl time...

(watching movies)

And last but not least,
breakfast in bed...

(we cleaned up most of the crumbs)

Unfortunately thankfully our "staycation" only lasted one day...

Jackhammers out - Papa's hammers in
and hopefully
we're back in basement business soon!

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