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Guest Post: Lisa

Lisa is a young wife and new mother to sweet Aubrey Jane!  Her joyful approach to motherhood is so refreshing to me (in a sometimes cynical blogging world).  Check out her new blog, "Tales of A Young Housewife", documenting the  ever changing and adorable Aubrey, as well as her journey into motherhood for the first time as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)...

Mother's Day has always been about celebrating my mom and showing my love for her. It always will be this way, but this Mother's Day will be a little more special. This year I had the wonderful experience of becoming a mother myself. Some were quick to judge me and my husband's decision to start a family so young, and perhaps we are. But when it comes down to being a mother, I've learned that age has nothing to do with the love and hard work it takes to be a successful one.

Don't get me wrong, motherhood didn't come very easy to me; being the youngest in my immediate & extended family didn't help. I'm so grateful I have had such a loving mother to help me with all the "Is this normal?"s and the "What do I do if?"s. I've honestly never appreciated my mother as much as I have the past two months that I have been a mom. The 2 a.m. feedings, less-than-desirable diaper changes, rocking until your arms are numb, spit up all over your new shirt, (etc.) experiences make me realize how hard my own mother worked for me and I love her so much for it. 

This Mother's Day means more than it ever has (or probably ever will) to me because I finally can appreciate on a personal, own-experience level, how unconditionally mothers can love. My daughter's sweet smiles, warm cuddles, & complete innocence are truly amazing, and she's what makes me so proud to be a mom this Mother's Day.

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  1. So sweet... both of you! And so glad you finally got yourselves and your beautiful babies together! Loved meetingg Lilah! She's a beautiful baby and you and Brian are wonderful parents! Love, Deb


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