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Guest Post: Sherry

Sherry is a super-busy mom to cute-as-a-button Clara, over at Young House Love (check out all the AMAZING home improvement projects they have in the works).  I love the ease with which she has embraced motherhood.  The fact that she is a "baby-wearer" and also introduced us to B.L.W. (Baby Led Weaning) doesn't hurt either.  Thankfully, she was kind enough to take some time to share her top three Mommy moments from the past year:

There are about a million favorite moments that have occurred over the last almost-year that Clara has been around, so it's really hard to pick just three. I'm pretty sure I have about thirty a day (she clapped! she tried to say doggie! she accidentally winked! etc). But these three might be burned the deepest into my memory, at least I hope so because I never want to forget them. 

#1. Clara's birthday. Our sweet girl came into the world in a terrifying and heart-stopping way (you can read her birth story here) but after the chaos died down and we were assured five million times that everything was ok, we were left starstruck. Totally and utterly amazed by the tiny girl who had changed our lives so profoundly just a few short moments after being born. We were a family. We had a daughter. I was a mom. John was a dad. It was almost too much and I remember having that full feeling where it's hard to swallow because it feels like your heart is swollen into your throat with pride. Best. Day. Ever. 

#2. Eating spaghetti. We went to visit John's granny in West Virginia along with a bunch of other family members a few months ago and when we got there we all went out to a big Italian dinner. Clara has always been a spirited eater (the girl eats broccoli, fish, even kale - pretty much anything you put in front of her) but we're kind of used to it by now so we're immune to the vacuum that is our daughter at mealtimes. Let's just say that her intense spaghetti sucking was so vigorous and noteworthy that at least four strangers and two servers came over to say they had never seen such a young baby girl eat so mercilessly. People were jokingly asking if she hadn't eaten in weeks. I remember thinking it was hilarious and feeling oddly proud that we have such a great little eater. 

#3. Squishy face. That's what I call her whenever she wakes up in the morning or after a nap. She's just so quiet yet alert and she has this slow squishy expression that transforms from "huh" to "wheeeee!" as she wakes up a little more and slips into a huge grin. I love that sweet sleepy moment that I get to steal with her at least three times a day (thanks to two naps and one morning wake-up call) and I honestly hope it lasts beyond her teenage years. Not likely, but a mom can dream...

Sherry (& the fam)

(Thanks Sherry for "sherrying"... we feel a litte "famous" over here at "Lilah A Day" today!)

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