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Christmas Morning

Christmas morning waffles.

After a quick "sink bath" and into her hat.

Mama and LB in our Christmas PJ's.

A "nice" girl ready to open presents.
Let the unwrapping commence...

It was so funny to watch Lilah this year 
with this extreme look of consternation on her face the ENTIRE time.
She definitely made out like a bandit!
(thanks Santa and Grandparents)

Then it was our turn.
After she opened her gifts,
a mid-morning nap gave us adults some time to open ours.

Thanks "Santa" for the great gifts this year - we feel spoiled!

1 comment:

  1. I love that big huge cube/toy/puzzle thing. That looks like so much fun? How does Lilah like it so far?

    Also love the latch board. I think I'd have more fun with that than Jonah would at this point though, maybe next year? :)


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