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Thursday Threads: "Small Style"

This week, I thought I would also show Lilah sporting some of her "threads three ways".
so Mama doesn't have all the fun.

Here's how we're taking three summer outfits 
and transitioning them to move into the cooler fall temps that are heading our way:

(All summer outfits: Carters)

#1 - Sweaters and jeans keep a tank from being too cool.

#2 - A girly sweatshirt and jeggings add warmth, and a short-sleeved bodysuit underneath allows for the shedding of layers as the day heats up.

#3 - Throw on a long-sleeved bodysuit, tights and a hat and a summer dress if fall ready.

Linking up with "Mama Loves Papa" again this week.
Head on over to check out all the cutie-pies!


  1. She is so fave is that second dress with all the layers!! Girls clothes are just so much cuter than boys!

  2. Great transition fits! Great photo shoot!

  3. I'm dying over that little pink sweater! <3

  4. Thanks ladies! Lisa, the sweater is from The Children's Place (I think they might have it again this year?) - funny enough it was supposed to be for last winter - LOL!

  5. I love these transition looks. I layered some of our favourite pieces all winter long and now that it is Spring here all last years summer dresses are now tops.

  6. she's so cute! and i love the outfits and the accessories!!

  7. Super cute outfits!


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