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Thursdays Threads Three Ways

Colored Denim.

This is a big trend this fall, and I am loving it!

It's actually incredibly versatile,
if you treat the denim as a neutral.

Here are three ways to bring them from warmer early fall days 
into cooler temps...

Denim: Rag 'n Bone

You will most definitely be seeing these again and again!!!


  1. You look like one hot mom in those red pants!! Love then especially with the stripes and leopard!! I don't think I have the guts to rock those killer red pants!!

  2. Cute! I have some red jeans so you have inspired me! I didn't want to wear a black top and look like I was a blood (you know the gang : )

  3. Thanks Randi - I know you could pull it off girl!

  4. Trina - I peed my pants a little after I read your comment! Crack me up!!!


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