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What's In Your Bag? (Dump n' Tag)

My cute cousin-in-law, 
did a post yesterday sharing the contents of her diaper bag.

Here goes my "diaper bag dump"...

1. Timi & Leslie Charlie Diaper Bag
(L.O.V.E. this bag - 99% of the time people think it is just a large handbag)
2. Isaac Mizrahi for Target Wallet
(um can we say OLD - they don't even sell Mizrahi anymore)
3. Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple sunscreen
(best stuff for Lilah's skin)
4. Hand sanitizer
(from my OB's office)
5. Aquaphor 
(for my lips and Lilah's hiney - instead of butt-paste - yeah we're close like that)
6. Burts Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in "Honeysuckle" & "Red Dahlia"
(best hint of color and all natural)
7. Timi & Leslie clutch
(came with the diaper bag and sooo convenient when I just need the basics)
8. Cheapo sunglass case with Rayban Wayfarer knock-offs
(I'm tough on sunglasses so knock-offs suit me just fine)
9. Canon G12
(I have yet to read the manual - just use it like a point and shoot)
10. Timi & Leslie changing pad
(diaper pocket holds 3-4 Pampers and plastic ziplocs - hate leaving stinky diapers in other people's trash)
11. The First Years Pacifier Wipes
(Lilah has never taken a paci, but they are perfect to wipe off toys/sippy cups that hit the ground)
12. Huggies travel wipes case
(filled with Pamper's Sensitive thick wipes - the best!)
13. Playtex sippy cup
(pretty much no-spill)
14. Munchkin Snack Catcher
(makes a valiant effort at avoiding huge messes)
15. Extra socks for Lilah Belle
16. Hoodie for Lilah
(you never know with the manic UT weather)
17. Toys
(thankfully clip on to stroller, shopping cart, car seat)
18. Cell phone
(time for an upgrade - Iphone anyone?)
19. Sharpie
(to sign autographs for my fans - j/k???)
20. Lansinoh breast pads
(nobody likes leaky boob shirt circles and these are the only ones that stay put)
21. Hair clip
22. Justin's Maple Almond Butter
(yes - I eat it straight out the pouch)

 And there you have it!

So now I wanted to take it a step further and see who is really paying attention?

I've tagged three of my followers to share the contents of their diaper bags:

 - Trina from "Baby Shopaholic"
- *Randi from "Not Just Mom"
(*your handbag will do as I know you are past the diaper bag stage - haha)

To keep this going, they could tag three of their readers (no pressure to participate),
(with a link back to their original tagger somewhere in the post)
and let's see how many bags we can dump?

(and possible help clean out - thanks Lisa - haha!)


  1. Yay! How fun. Aubrey has the same Sophie giraffe teether, love it! & I've always wanted to try those sensitive thick wipes but never have heard anything, now I'm gonna get those next time since you think they are great! <3

  2. I'm definitely partial to Pampers products. I don't really care either way if the wipes are "sensitive" (I don't like scented ones), but the "thick" - HUGE difference!!!

  3. I read this yesterday but I guess I missed the Tag!!! Thanks for tagging me! Fun post.

  4. I am going to dump my bag this weekend for a post! Love your bag!


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