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And So It Begins...

We definitely took the week after Thanksgiving to unwind.

Now it seems December has crept up on us out of nowhere.

Not to worry, 
thanks to Grandma & Grandpa "T" 
we have our first Christmas decoration hung...

Our Advent Calendar.

Tradition calls for a piece of chocolate to be unwrapped every night until Christmas Eve. 

This year, we are going the non-traditional route.

Instead of chocolate, 
(there are a few fun "gifts" for Lilah) 
for the most part,
each day is filled with a slip of paper 
describing a festive family activity that we'll try and do together.

Some include:
- Share candy-canes with Lilah 
- Chop down our Christmas Tree
- Make snow-angels
- Visit Santa
- Drink hot cocoa with marshmallows
- Snuggle under the covers and read Christmas books
- "Skype-caroling" with family
- Make Santa "bubble beards"
- Take family pictures
- Build a snowman
- Bake cookies
- Decorate the tree

Here's to making a list and checking it twice!

1 comment:

  1. Love the advent calendar with the fun family activities...much better than a piece of chocolate!!


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