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Oh Christmas Tree (Farm)!

Early Saturday morning we bundled up and headed to the local Christmas Tree Farm
to pick out our tree...

After a lengthy walk through the farm,
(and an ever increasing fussy L.B.) 
we finally chose a tree
only to have a small money issue 
(or lack of "cash or check" to be exact)!

It was on our "walk-of-shame" out of the farm, 
that we spied a different tree
(literally 3 rows into the farm)!

After a quick ATM stop, 
we returned to our new (closer = easier to get) meant-to-be-tree 
and now she sits grandly in our living room
(patiently waiting to be gussied up).


  1. Those matching hats are just to Lilah's boots, she is styling!!

  2. these photos are so adorable! i love the matching hats!!

  3. You and Lilah look adorb! Love the hats! I was this close to getting P that coat. If I see it again its mine!

  4. Totally loving your matching outfits.. How cute are you and your babe!! LOVE!! xo

  5. Thanks everyone - it was a fun (if not somewhat chaotic=memorable) time!


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