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Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

In honor of St. Patricks Day yesterday:

"The Olive Military Jacket"

Jacket: Gap

I cannot tell you how much wear I get out of this jacket!
(The PPW is priceless)
I throw it over dresses in the Spring, pair it with cut-offs on cooler Summer nights, 
with a turtleneck and jeans in the Fall 
and over a sweater with leggings and boots during the Winter months!

 It's what my husband would call "olive drab" which incidentally, is actually a great neutral?!
(Those of you who know of my love/hate relationship with that particular color
 understand the "irony" of my love for this jacket, 
and the ridicule I must endure from Brian for constantly wearing it...
 sort of like a "uniform"?!)

And on a side-note, we were super flattered to be featured yesterday on Shana's sassy blog 
(One of our daily must-reads) 

Check out the link below...

Thanks Shana for all the inspiration!

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