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Lovely Lilah's 5 Month "Birthday"

Over the past 4 weeks, I have...

- Become a daddy's girl!
(Mommy is okay with sharing)

- Learned to gag down my 2 oz. supplementary bottle of formula before bedtime.
(Mom still can't get over the unappetizing smell of Alimentum)

- Made progress in the sitting department...
(Posts to follow)

- Slowly started to make use of some of the 3-6 month clothes in my closet.
(Papa's wallet likes this)

- Taken to nursing with an outstretched hand covering Mommy's mouth and chin?
(Mommy says she will probably miss it when I stop, but sometimes right now it can get kind of annoying, although it's better than suffering through my previous constant scratching)

- Celebrated my first St. Patty's Day at Uncle Mikey's
(An annual tradition that I attended anonymously last year as a guest in Mama's belly)

- Decided that EVERYTHING I can get my hands on must go in my mouth, whether it fits or not!
(Mama hopes my immune system is a GO?)

- Let my tongue hang out - literally!
(Mom thinks it's cute but also reminds her slightly of "Dopey the Dwarf" and hopes it's not a sign of things to come?)

- Have become quite "pious" with my "prayer hands" hold!
(Mom and Dad call me their little angel so the fake-out works)

-Learned to use my new Yoga skills to do "Baby Seal" with my feet!
(Mama hopes it IS a sign of things to come - ballerina in the making)

Six months will be here before we know it...
(No tears Mama)

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