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Fashion Friday: Threads Three Ways

"Winter Leggings Edition"
(before full-blown Spring weather arrives)

Black Leggings: Forever 21

Honestly, I could probably post about 50  "leggings" looks!

I heart leggings - especially postpartum!

They were fab for my c-section scar (especially high-waisted ones), super comfy around the house, and best of all - helped me feel like a normal semi-fashionable girl when I left the house shortly after Lilah was born (plus, they were the only thing that fit other than maternity jeans)!

Part of my Winter "uniform" is leggings, cute boots and of course the bum-covering top!

Stay tuned for a legging post Spring/Summer edition 'cause these babies are so versatile...

1 comment:

  1. I just found your blog through "Ain't no Mom Jeans" and loving the fashion Friday posts! Are there more on leggings? I'm obsessed with leggings but really struggling to find tops long enough that I feel comfortable in with leggings. I'd also love to see Spring/Summer ideas. Do you have any links to tops you think go well with leggings?


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